Everywhere you look these days you will be able to find vitamin supplements aplenty. But what do you choose? Well Xtend Life has a great supplement that my husband and I personally use. My husband takes Total Balance Men’s Plus while I take Total Balance Women’s Plus. We both have been very happy with these. They also have a Total Balance Unisex product that both men & women can take.

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If you are a female and past the age of 30 years like I am then Xtendlife Total Balance Women’s Plus is one product that you should take every day! It is especially good for balancing female hormones. If you are a male and are over 30 years then Total Balance Men’s Plus is the one for you as it is equally good for balancing men’s hormones among other things. If you are between 12 and 30 years then the Total Balance Unisex is for you.

Of course these are not the only products that the company manufactures, but they are the most used for overall health and wellness. What I like about the company and product is not only do I feel comfortable with what I am taking but I also feel comfortable with the company itself.

The company also publishes a regular newsletter that answers questions and gives advice to product users. It covers some very interesting subjects and most importantly it is written in an easy to understand format.

I also know that I can ask questions via their great support system and know that I will receive an answer pretty quickly. I must say it’s a welcome change, but nothing is ever a bother with Xtend Life . They really do have some great products that you and your family need to try.The company offers some of the best customer support & service I have experienced, so give them a try – thats all I can say.

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